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professional coaching

Professional coaching

Experience growth and success with Hyzon Associates Professional Coaching

Mohammad Seyedarabi, Tech Entrepreneur

"Haroon is one of the best ICF Professional Coaches & Mentors. As his client for over 1.5 years, he has truly made an impact on my life."

Meet your coach

Hello, I'm Haroon Khalil, your dedicated coach, unlocking your potential through tailored guidance.

Collaborating with you, we overcome challenges, enhance strengths, and foster continuous improvement.

Our holistic coaching programs, whether refining leadership, improving communication, or optimizing teamwork, pave the way to success. Join me for excellence and growth with Hyzon Associates Coaching, sparking remarkable outcomes on your journey to full potential.

Haroon Khalil

We grow together

Embark on a transformative coaching journey tailored just for you! Join me in a supportive space where personal growth thrives, guided by your unique insights.


Together, we'll uncover strengths, set achievable goals, and ignite your path to success.


Let's start the conversation and light up your journey to greatness.

Which coaching service do you need?

I  offer 1:1 professional coaching services tailored to your individual needs with flexible session lengths ranging between 30 and 60 minutes.  

Online counselling

Stand-alone session

60 minutes

 £149+ VAT

Man Using a Tablet

Get into the flow pack

3 x 60 mins session 

 £399+ VAT

Introducing a Speaker

Growth coaching pack

6 x 60 mins session 

 £705+ VAT

- Special offer -

I also offer a bundle of twelve 60 minute sessions at a discounted rate.  

Contact me to discuss a bespoke package.

How can I help you shine?

Ready to unlock your full potential and embark on a journey of growth with Hyzon Associates Coaching? Let's make it happen! Book a call with us today to kickstart your personalized coaching experience. Your success journey begins here. Get started today!

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