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Unlock your potential with expert Agile and career coaching tailored to guide your professional journey. Work with Haroon Khalil, Agile coach, professional coach and public speaker 

John Newman, Head of Delivery, INSHUR

“Haroon has a fantastic knowledge around flow metrics and how to practically use these to improve team effectiveness. He introduced several new concepts to us at INSHUR ... he's very approachable, explains his ideas well and a positive person to have around."
hyzon associates group coaching with haroon

Unlock potential

Lean-Agile Practitioner | Agile Coach | Executive & Leadership Coach

| Transformation Coach | Product Coach | Business Agility Mentor

Hello, I'm Haroon Khalil, the founder of Hyzon Associates, your boutique Lean-Agile consultancy dedicated to business agility, professional coaching, and organisational transformation. Our mission is to co-create a positive impact, reshaping the way people engage with their work, colleagues, and customers.

With over a decade of experience in Lean-Agile consultancy and professional coaching, I specialise in guiding teams, managers, executives, and organisations toward success. Through cooperative facilitation and collaborative participation, we focus on achieving goals and driving organisational growth. Our approach emphasizes work transformation, team development, and fostering a positive impact in every interaction.

Let's tailor our expertise to your specific situation, ensuring remarkable outcomes and setting you on a path to growth and success. Embark on this transformative journey with Hyzon Associates!

Ready to unleash your potential and kickstart a growth journey with Hyzon Associates Coaching? Let's make it a reality! Schedule a call with us today to initiate your personalized coaching experience. Your path to success starts here. Get started now!

Working with global superstars

I've been fortunate to collaborate with clients from diverse industries and regions around the world.

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Which coaching service do you need?


Professional coaching

Ready to unlock your potential? I empower individuals, executives, and organisations for transformative change.


Executive & agile coaching services 

 Agile guidance, transformation support – I've got you covered. Your needs are my priority. Let's plan for your vision and goals! 


Invite me to speak at your event

 It would be an honour to share my insights with your audience.


Let's make these events unforgettable together! 


Your trusted Agile friend, helping you flow better

I  want to transform the spaces of work and make a positive impact on the way people connect with their work, their colleagues, and their customers.

Let's grow your business

I take pride in my trusted and collaborative approach. I offer executive coaching, product mentoring, and organizational design consulting.
Let's collaborate closely, share insights, and create feedback loops for better decisions.
Reach out, and let's discuss achieving a healthy delivery balance for your organisation. Excited to work with you! 


hyzon associates group coaching

Your trusted friend on your transformation journey.


Creating spaces for creativity and innovation


Delivering impactful value to our clients.

How can I help you shine?

Ready to unlock your full potential and embark on a journey of growth with Hyzon Associates? Let's make it happen! Book a call with me today to kickstart your personalized experience. Your success journey begins here. Get started today!

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